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Jarman Award 2017 | UK Tour

An exciting programme of screenings and talks from the six artists nominated for this year's Film London Jarman Award.

Locations across the UK, 30 September - 19 November 2017

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Tension & Conflict, Video Art after 2008

Quicksand by FVU alumnus Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen joins an exhibition of moving image works probing the political and social consequences of the 2008 financial crisis.

MAAT, Lisbon, 13 September 2017 - 19 March 2018

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Perpetual Uncertainty

Artists from the USA, Europe and Japan use objects architecture and landscapes to explore ideas around the nuclear anthropocene - the age in which man-made radiation has contaminated the earth, forming a physical mark that will last for hundreds of thousands of years.

Z33, Hasselt, Belgium, 17 September - 10 December 2017

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Again and Again

Video works using looping, multi-channel installation, split-screen and seriality present fragmented depictions of the self and examine the connections between individual identity and mass media. 

Haus der Kunst, Munich, 15 September 2017 - 8 April 2018

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Past meets Present

FVU alumnus Patrick Hough joins a group exhibition of international artists taking the findings of historians, scientists and archaeologists as their inspiration. Image: 3rd Vienna Siege And Refugees, Gazi Sansoy.

Anna Laudel Gallery, Istanbul, 7 September - 20 October

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Marianna Simnett | Worst Gift

Video, liquid, light and sound come together in another of Marianna Simnett's nerve-inducing installations. This time she focuses on the needle as a central motif, exploring bodily integrity and power dynamics within the setting of a Botox factory and a theatrical surgery.

Matt's Gallery, London, 6 September - 22 October 2017

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SEEING: What are you looking at?

Suki Chan's video installation Lucida III features in this exhibition tackling the complex sensory experience of vision, understanding and perception. 

Frost Museum of Science, Miami, 1 March - 20 October 2017

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Rachel Maclean | Spite Your Face

FVU alumna Rachel Maclean's new film is a twist on the tale of Pinocchio, remodelled for the contemporary, post-truth era of Donald Trump and fake news. Presented within the Chiesa di Santa Caterina.

Venice Biennale, 13 May - 26 November 2017

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