FVU commissions, curates, produces and presents artists’ moving-image works that are staged in collaboration with galleries and other cultural partners across the UK. The organisation usually commissions 5-6 projects every year.

Since the late 1980s, FVU has been at the forefront of this vibrant and expanding area of practice, promoting innovation through its support of some of the most exciting figures on the contemporary scene. During this time, the organisation has commissioned and produced nearly 200 different artists’ projects, ranging from ambitious multi-screen installations to shorter film and video pieces, as well as numerous online commissions.


FVU’s commissions are designed to give the fullest possible expression to the creative voice of the artist. While each project follows its own unique, individual course, what they all have in common is a central emphasis on high-quality production and presentation. Benefitting from a supportive, creative environment (and from the extensive technical and curatorial expertise that the organisation has to offer) the commissioning opportunities that FVU is able to develop, in conjunction with a diverse range of partner venues, are notable for the close collaborations that are forged: with artists, and also with venues.

Exploring contemporary themes and emerging aesthetic trends, FVU projects seek to capture something of the spirit of the moment while also reflecting on a wider sense of place. As well as bringing internationally acclaimed artists’ work to all parts of the UK, many of these commissions actively engage with the particular nature of the individual locations in which they are either made or staged, and often help to illuminate their larger social, cultural and art-historical context.


FVU is a registered charity. Core funding currently comes from Arts Council England, as one of their National Portfolio Organisations. We raise the vast majority of our additional funding on a project-by-project basis, from trusts, foundations and exhibition venues. A very small proportion of our project funding comes from other sources such as educational bodies, corporate sponsorship, and individual donors, and we supplement our overheads via some commercial activities such as consultancy, sales of our publications, and equipment rentals.

If you would like to know more about our funding process, or are interested in supporting FVU, please contact Susanna Chisholm: susanna@fvu.co.uk

Equipment Hire

FVU has a pool of high quality audio-visual equipment that we hire out, at subsidised rates, to galleries and art organisations for exhibitions and presentations.

FVU equipment includes High Definition video projectors, media players, and professional audio monitors. There are substantial discounts for long exhibition hire periods. We can also offer advice and consultancy on your presentation project.

For further details, or to discuss your requirements, please contact our Technical Manager Mike Jones: mike@fvu.co.uk.

To receive occasional updates about the audio-visual equipment that we have available, please join the 'FVU Equipment Hire' mailing list here.

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Film and Video Umbrella. Charity number: 1165046. VAT registration number: GB 235 8231 13.

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