17 March 2016

FVU has been awarded a grant of £93,134 as part of Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Programme

FVU has been awarded a grant of £93,134 towards a new initiative Changing Places as part of the Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Programme. 

Changing Places will tour moving-image works by South Asian artists to eleven historic sites across England in areas that are experiencing significant urban or architectural change. Partnering predominantly with heritage organisations, the programme will examine legacies of Britain’s colonial past via commonalities in architectural trends throughout Britain and South Asia.

The theme is anchored in a human relationship to architecture and the built environment, as one of the mainstays and signifiers of place, but also as one of the key measures of how places change over time. Throughout the project, whether in the content of the selected artists’ films or in the specific, carefully curated context of the location they will be shown, this interplay between people and the buildings they construct, re-purpose or appropriate, will be clearly and vividly illuminated.

Steven Bode, FVU Director said: “FVU is renowned for taking innovative artists’ work to new places. We are therefore delighted to receive significant support from the Strategic Touring fund as we firmly believe that touring represents an ideal model for generating increased exposure for artists and for engaging new audiences. We are excited to be partnering with a range of venues and organisations across the English regions in what will be a significant initiative for 2017.”

Joyce Wilson, Area Director, London, Arts Council England, said: “This initiative from FVU is an excellent example of how we can invest in great art and culture for everyone: it aims to both raise the profile of the film makers involved and enable them to work with communities which often have fewer opportunities to engage with contemporary arts and culture. It really does have the potential to enhance the lives of those it reaches.”

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