27 March 2019

CLOSING SOON  Jerwood/FVU Awards 2020: Hindsight

Hindsight may be 20/20, but foresight is always 50/50. But the best guide to what is coming can often be found in the present, and in earlier experiences and precedents. For that reason, we would like you to explore the contemporary significance of ‘hindsight’ in broad and imaginative ways, drawing on diverse inspirations, from the influence of history, from the lexicon of cultural memory, or from the back-story of immediate personal experience. Or your idea could revolve around a particular insight or observation; such as a reflection, for example, on how modern technological communication increasingly incorporates a review or overview function: scrolling you through a timeline, sending you back to a particular point in time, like the Facebook Memories feature, or directing you the beginning of an email thread.

Hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing. We look forward to seeing what you make of it.

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