15 days

Imran Perretta

  • Screening

Event overview

Imran Perretta's 15 days screens alongside works by Larry Achiampong, Brook Andrew, Rushdi Anwar, Shiraz Bayjoo and Jasleen Kaur in a programme curated by Shiraz Bayjoo to coincide with the opening of Yinka Shonibare MBE: End of Empire.

After the refugee camp near Calais that became known as the Jungle was razed in 2016, the hundreds of people who had found shelter and a sense of community there were equally abruptly uprooted, adding yet another sorry episode to the disruption and displacement they had already suffered in their flight from persecution, corruption and the fall-out of war. Imran Perretta’s video 15 days is inspired by the time that he spent in Northern France with former inhabitants of the Jungle, now living rough in the surrounding woods and fields. The title of the piece is not a measure of the length of his stay there but rather a salute to the hastily made-up name of one of the people he befriended, whose alias ’15 days’ might be an allusion to the all-too-brief period of respite since his latest temporary camp was destroyed but might also read as a sardonic rebuke of the interminable nature of the time he has been waiting in limbo, in the hope of a new and better life.


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