Lawrence Lek

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Event overview

Geomancer shows in the group show head heap heat alongside work by three other artists, all born in the 1980s; Haffendi Anuar (Malaysia), Madison Bycroft (Australia) and Yola Yulfianti (Indonesia). Through imagined and existing cityscapes, the artists take a science-fiction approach to 'survival', conjuring imagined futures that carry today’s troubles.

For Geomancer, the exhibition marks the film's premiere in the city where it is set - Singapore in a fictional future 2065. As the geopolitical axis tilts further to the East, and as once-dominant economic/technological models are cast into doubt, Lek alights on a longstanding tension between the place of the human and the role of the machine, sharpened by contemporary hopes and anxieties around the rise of East Asia, and by speculations that new forms of artificial intelligence, already outperforming mere mortals in matters of automation and aggregation, will challenge us in more creative skills as well. 

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