Lawrence Lek

  • Screening

Event overview

Geomancer features in a screening of Lawrence Lek's most prominent works to date, being held to celebrate the launch of a new two-year project at Bold Tendancies: Farsight Corporation. The new project creates a science-fiction scenario revolving around a Chinese technology company that uses London as a prototype for its range of AI products - intelligent urban systems, such as security bots and transport, that monitor and interact with their clients. Set within this fictional future London, Farsight Corporation speculates on the issues surrounding the interaction of architecture and artificial intelligence.

Screening programme:

Farsight Corporate Promo (2037) 5m 05s

Sinofuturism (1839-2046 AD) 9m 40s (extract)

Geomancer 48m 15s

A conversation with the ICA 7m 00s


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