Prime Time

Rob Crosse

  • Event

Event overview

Rob Crosse's 2017 moving-image work Prime Time follows a group of older gay men as they journey on a cruise ship around the Caribbean. Members of a social network of so-called ‘Prime Timers’, they regularly get together on excursions of this type, to renew acquaintances, re-affirm the bonds of belonging to a supportive community, and rekindle a little itch of adventure. 

Prime Time screens as part of Trojan Horse / Rainbow Flag – a programme of artists’ film and video about LGBTQI+ spaces, presented by videoclub in LGBTQI+ clubs and community run spaces across the UK. At a time when queer spaces are increasingly under threat from gentrification the selected films variously configure a range of environments as places of resistance, community, desire and historical significance. By presenting both urban and rural spaces, the artists encourage us all to view our environment through a queer lens.

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