The Bird Game

Marianna Simnett

  • Exhibition

Event overview

The Bird Game makes its exhibition premiere at My Broken Animal at Frans Hals Museum, which presents new and existing film, installation and sculpture by Marianna Simnett. At the heart of Simnett’s practice is her preoccupation with the body and its potential for transformation. Simnett’s bodies are mutants and hybrids, playing dangerous games to deadly limits. They faint, they undergo medical procedures, they die and they come back to life. Unflinching and raw, Simnett dares to uncover the parts of ourselves that usually remain concealed.

My Broken Animal disregards the oppositions that have been inscribed onto our perception of bodies: male versus female, sick versus healthy, animal versus human. Drawing on fairy tales, myths and through her own idiosyncratic storytelling, Simnett approaches conventions of gender, species, and our relationship to others, as not something given, but something to be found.

Simnett’s first solo show in the Netherlands combines her sculpture, film and installation for the first time, expanding her imaginative universe to multiple temporalities and mediums. 

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