The Lost Ones

Richard Whitby

  • Exhibition

Event overview

Data Fatigue is an exhibition exploring concepts of representation and capitalisation, within online and offline worlds, the media and daily life. The works on show consider ideas of identity and the commodification and colonisation of objects, people and places, alongside the hyper-consumerism of the present.

The exhibition takes the form of an interactive point and click adventure game, where audience members progress through the show by interacting with each web page, following a trail of breadcrumbs and exhaust fumes, unlocking new areas to discover and digitally unearth the exhibited artworks.

The final artwork in the exhibition, The Lost Ones by Richard Whitby, offers a nightmarish look at the complex, overly bureaucratic, immigration system in the UK. The work exemplifies the underlying, violent networks that continue to proliferate both within the UK immigration system and any scheme that purports to support the underclass and underrepresented.

The exhibition marks the beginning of a six month program consisting of four online exhibitions, culminating in a physical book and online panel discussion. Each exhibition is connected by the overarching theme of Networks, exposing and exploring the underlying architecture of our daily lives, investigating the social, political, digital and hierarchical networks that we reside within.

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