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Mariam Ghani: What We Left Unfinished & Dis-Eas

What We Left Unfinished (2019) explores the unfulfilled potential of left political futures in Afghanistan. The film is based on archival research assembling five unfinished Afghan feature films shot, but never edited, between 1978 and 1992. 

Mosaic Rooms

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Sets and Scenarios

Sets and Scenarios Sets explores our heightened proximity to images and what it means to live under their influence, featuring new commissions by Adam Christensen, Eva Gold, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi and Aaron Ratajczyk. 


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Tina Campt: The Slow Lives of Still Moving Images

Tina Campt expands on her coined term of 'Black visual frequency', which was the starting point for Nadeem Din-Gabisi's MASS, in this talk 'The Slow Lives of Still Moving Images'.

Nottingham Contemporary, via YouTube

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Reflections from Home No.5: Sohrab Hura, Delhi, Indi

Kettle’s Yard has been asking artists to offer their reflections from home, through images, text and film. The latest artist to respond is Sohrab Hura, who shares photographs from his rooftop in Delhi, India.

Kettle's Yard

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Marguerite Duras: Les mains négatives

From the end of a night till dawn, from the Bastille to the Champs-Élysées—by way of the boulevard des Italiens, avenue de l'Opéra, and rue de Rivoli—a depopulated Paris offers itself to Marguerite Duras' voice.


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Hu Wei: Butter Lamps

A young itinerant photographer and his assistant suggest to tibetan nomads to photograph them in front of various backgrounds.

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Dryden Goodwin: Alongside

Alongside is a closely observed portrait of a care worker as he builds supportive relationships with three vulnerable clients with severe physical disabilities or autism.

Work Projects

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Paul Rooney: Still at Large (The Creeping Things Cut)

A disturbing male figure is on the run from an unspoken crime; yet he is, in turn, on the hunt for something or someone.

Berwick Visual Arts

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Larry Achiampong and David Blandy: FF Gaiden: Delete

This video work makes use of the virtual space of the computer game Grand Theft Auto V to create ‘a complex tapestry of stories’ about ‘migration, cultural history and social change’.

Arts Council Collection

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