Project Overview

Initiating a finely poised call-and-response between a pair of near-identical projection screens, Sutapa Biswas’ Birdsong circles through a cluster of dream-like images of slow-burning power and intensity. While the repeated motif of a child’s paper mobile instils a mood of delicate reverie, the sudden, hallucinatory appearance of a fully-grown horse in the midst of a typically bourgeois living room lends a frisson of Freudian fantasy. Ruffling the illusion of domestic tranquillity with a note of mystery and ambiguity, Biswas collides the familiar and the unfamiliar to capture something of the strangeness that lurks behind the surface of ordinary, everyday reality. A companion video, Magnesium Bird, is an equally charged affair; a lyrical flight of fancy that burns all the more brightly for its stark reminders of the fleeting, fragile nature of existence.


'Birdsong', Sutapa Biswas 2004

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