Project Overview

Touchstones Rochdale has amassed a rich and varied collection of art works since the gallery was founded in 1903. For her new commission opening in summer 2020, Turner Prize winning Helen Cammock, together with a number of Rochdale residents, will redistribute items from the collection and place them, on a temporary basis, into people’s homes and other locations around the town. These short-term loans of this shared community resource will act as the catalyst for a new film by Cammock. Rochdale is famous for being the birthplace of the Co-operative movement and Concrete Feathers and Porcelain Tacks will look to explore; through the collective acts of dialogue, selecting, curating and installing works; how rational, social and emotional borders shift and slide between private and public space – how people inhabit both – and what their stake in affecting them is.  

Image: Helen Cammock, Shouting in Whispers, 2017

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