Project Overview

The titles of Dryden Goodwin’s video works often have double, or multiple, meanings. His large-scale wraparound installation Dilate is a case in point: a circle (or, strictly speaking, an octagon) of eight projection screens that pulsates, almost palpates, with light and sound. As viewers stand inside its inner ring, they are immersed in a series of panoramic video sequences of different exterior and interior landscapes: the infinite vistas of a sea voyage, or the views from a clifftop headland; the vaulted space of the nave of a cathedral or the familiar domestic features of a home. As these various episodes unroll, Goodwin creates a rhythmic pattern of expanding and contracting horizons that explores how our shifting sense of self affects our perception of space and vice versa. Faced with an open landscape we can feel isolated, liberated or paralysed; as part of the city, singled out, anonymous, or alienated; in our homes, safe, confined or overwhelmed; in a virtual network, empowered, remote or victimised.

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