About this publication

This abridged A-Z of Alan Currall’s artistic practice looks back over a body of disarmingly homegrown video works that culminates in what (for Currall) is the magnum opus of ‘Encyclopaedia’, a prophetic parody of a kind of user-generated wiki-almanac, with entries (on a dazzlingly diverse range of subjects) from the artist’s immediate circle of family and friends. Adding to this repository of human knowledge are two essays by art critics Claire Doherty and Sean Cubitt, interspersed with fragments of Currall’s video work.  The publication is completed by a CD-Rom of ‘Encylopaedia’ itself.

Please note that this CD-Rom is incompatible with current computer operating systems. The disc will work in Mac OS9.2 or PC Windows 95, but not in later systems

Published by Film and Video Umbrella. Publication supported by a Regional Arts Lottery Programme award from West Midlands Arts.

The ‘Encyclopaedia’ CD-Rom was supported by the New Media Projects Fund of the Arts Council of England. ‘Encyclopaedia’ was made possible with the support of the 1998 Richard Hough Bursary.

We apologise that we are not able to faciliate international delivery outside of the UK at this time. 

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