Calling for a permanent and immediate ceasefire.

We believe in justice, dignity, freedom and equality for all people and condemn the violence enacted towards Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

We call for a permanent and immediate ceasefire, adherence to international law (and the upholding of international law by governments around the world, including the UK government), and a return to diplomatic means of conflict resolution. 

We believe that art should be a space for freedom of expression and debate. As such, On behalf of Film and Video Umbrella, our Director Angelica Sule is a signatory of the open letter Solidarity, freedom of expression, and double standards in the arts by Artists for Palestine

As stated in the letter, we are: united in our commitment to justice, dignity, freedom, and equality for all people in Israel / Palestine. We hold every life to be precious, and we grieve every death. 

The struggle for freedom from racism for Palestinians and Jews is one of collective liberation. We refuse to pit one community against the other, and stand firmly against all forms of racism including Islamophobia and antisemitism.

Full letter:

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