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Joanna Callaghan, My Fantastic Voyage (2022)

The latest in FVU’s series of micro-commissions, first launched in 2020 under the collective title ‘BEYOND’, is Joanna Callaghan’s intimate, imaginative journey into the inner recesses of the body, following a diagnosis with breast cancer. Alluding to the Sixties sci-fi movie from which it takes its name, My Fantastic Voyage is beguiling, uplifting and deeply poignant. 

Read the essay in response to My Fantastic Voyage by Jessica Moriarty, who charts a complementary companion path from the scourge of illness to the succour of creativity and the solace of friendship.

Watch the film with audio description here. The audio description for this film was created by VocalEyes. Click the CC button to turn on closed captions.

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