Nadeem Din-Gabisi

  • Screening

Event overview

Fringe of Colour is hosting its first ever online arts festival, Fringe of Colour Films - an independent streaming service that will host over 40 films made by Black and Brown people/People of Colour throughout August 2020. Films will be released as weekly collections, each available for 7 days.

Streaming during Week 1 and the final weekend of the festival is Nadeem Din-Gabisi's MASS, which embodies an intangible ‘spirit’ or ‘signal’ that characterises various aspects of contemporary Black experience around which people identify and congregate. Featuring contributions from musician Coby Sey, artist-filmmaker Rhea Storr, and Director of Photography Shivani Hassard, and filmed on 16mm, 8mm and digital video, MASS gives poetic expression to this unseen spectrum of background signals and contrasts them with vivid depictions of a shared and intimate private space of sanctuary, solidarity and celebration.


Image Gallery

Stills in 4:3 (original) – Nadeem Din-Gabisi, MASS, 2020

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