Feed Me

Rachel Maclean

  • Exhibition

Event overview

A delirious confection of multi-layered digital images, whipped into even more extravagant form by the artist’s trademark multi-character theatrics, Rachel Maclean’s ‘Feed Me’ is an audacious, provocative exploration of the commercialisation (and sexualisation) of childhood, and a corresponding infantilism in adult behaviour. Produced by Film and Video Umbrella, this is Maclean’s most ambitious project to date. Part fairy tale, part hyper-modern fantasia, it is a parable of the pleasures and the perils of excess. As we feed the monster of contemporary consumerist desire, Maclean’s film is a record of all the little monsters that are created in its wake.

Commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella (FVU) and Hayward Touring for British Art Show 8. Supported by Arts Council England and Creative Scotland.

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