Talk & Screening: The Forest

Ori Gersht

Event overview

Ori Gersht is an artist filmmaker/photographer whose works offer stark, super-sensory manifestations of the shock of violence or the aftermath of conflict, whether arising from the experience of war, the endless friction between man and nature or a more personal, existential struggle against the elements. Ripe with allusions to the history of painting and photography, Gersht's tautly composed images are shadowed, often haunted, by darker events, as if reminding us how beauty and horror are closely interlinked. In this special programme, an early film piece, The Forest, commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella in 2005, will be screened alongside other moving-image works by the artist. Ori Gersht will be in conversation with critic David Chandler following the screening.

Programmed by Film and Video Umbrella as part of '25 Frames'.

7pm (Duration 90mins)

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