Jerwood/FVU Awards 2018: Unintended Consequences

Group Event

  • Exhibition

Event overview

The Jerwood/FVU Awards 2018: Unintended Consequences premieres two newly commissioned moving-image installations by Maeve Brennan and Imran Perretta, the recipients of this fifth edition of the Awards.

The 2018 curatorial theme addresses how the best-laid plans can unravel and well-intentioned actions can provoke unexpected side-effects. In an echo of this, and at a moment when world events are so volatile and turbulent that it’s hard to predict what might happen next, the two artists’ proposals reflect the complex, entangled nature of contemporary experience. 

Highlighting the whirring presence of wind turbines in the landscape, Maeve Brennan’s proposed work considers their ripple effects in the larger ecosystem. Forward-thinkingly green and benign, their arrival can have unanticipated outcomes, reminding us how the rhythms and patterns of the natural environment are intricately connected and interdependent.

At a time when social and geopolitical upheaval has prompted the mass displacement and migration of people across the globe, Imran Perretta’s proposed work examines how the face of the refugee has been dehumanised, often anonymised, and frequently demonised, by contrasting the personal testimony of asylum seekers with public perception and popular iconography.

The artists were selected from over 170 applications by Noor Afshan Mirza, artist and co-founder of; George Vasey, currently working as a curator on the Turner Prize 2017 and curatorial fellow at Newcastle University; Steven Bode, Director, FVU; and Sarah Williams, Head of Programme, Jerwood Visual Arts.