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Graham Ellard & Stephen Johnstone, Passagen (1993)

To mark the 30th anniversary of one of the very first FVU gallery commissions, we are showcasing a short extract from Ellard & Johnstone’s video installation (and later CD-ROM work), Passagen.

Passagen allows audiences to interact with three cities amid slowly unfolding sequences. The user may choose which city to visit, scroll across the panoramic views of each location and subsequently descend into the underground to explore the labyrinth of station names and networks.  

The software used to play back the original CD-ROM is no longer compatible with current computers.  Sequences from the CD-ROM were captured using a Mac emulator mimicking an older operating system. This edited capture is a fairly accurate representation of what audiences would have experienced. 

Read The Top Man in Paris, an essay by Graham Ellard & Stephen Johnstone written to accompany the 1997 CD-ROM release.


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