Feed Me

Rachel Maclean

  • Screening

Event overview

Rachel Maclean’s film Feed Me centres on the idea fed to us by modern life that happiness comes when we follow our desires. Rachel’s work is a wicked, waspish skit on a world where greed is good and self-interest reigns. Using colourful computer-generated effects as well as make-up, costume and prosthetics, she appears as multiple characters, including the pre-teen social media fanatic and the silver-fox media entrepreneur. Her work lambasts the commercialisation of childhood, and in turn the infantilisation of adulthood.

Rachel graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009 and works mainly with green-screen digital video. Her 2015 exhibitions include ‘British Art Show 8’, Leeds and ‘OK, You’ve Had Your Fun’, Casino Luxembourg. Rachel also has an upcoming solo show at HOME, Manchester in late 2016.

Commissioned by FVU and Hayward Touring for British Art Show 8. Supported by Arts Council England and Creative Scotland.

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