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Amartey Golding, Bring Me To Heal 

Drawing upon ancient histories, myth, storytelling and craft, ‘Bring Me To Heal’ follows a nomadic character who we see wandering the museum after hours. Coming across an ornate knotted garment made from human hair, he witnesses the birth of an elemental deity-like figure.

V&A Friday Late on YouTube

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TRANSMISSIONS: episode 4 by not/nowhere

The Fourth episode of TRANSMISSIONS will be by not/nowhere broadcasting on Wednesday 16th June.  TRANSMISSIONS is an online platform established in 2020 that commissions artists to share their work within a classic DIY TV show format.

Broadcasting 16th June 9PM BST on transmissions.tv

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IWOW: I Walk on Water, Khalik Allah

The new diary film from New York-based director and photographer Khalik Allah returns to 125th Street and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem, the same intersection at which Allah has based much of his work in recent years.

In virtual cinemas and on demand from 26 February 2021

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D/deaf Artists’ Film Commissions 

At LUX, a new series of film commissions reflects on the possibilities of a Deaf artists’ cinema.

Image: Nina Thomas, Silence, 2020, film still. Courtesy: the artist and LUX, London


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MattFlix is a monthly series of online projects which began at mattsgallery.org  in April 2020. Image: Sally O'Reilly.

Matt's Gallery

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Tina Campt: The Slow Lives of Still Moving Images

Tina Campt expands on her coined term of 'Black visual frequency', which was the starting point for Nadeem Din-Gabisi's MASS, in this talk 'The Slow Lives of Still Moving Images'.

Nottingham Contemporary, via YouTube

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Reflections from Home No.5: Sohrab Hura, Delhi, Indi

Kettle’s Yard has been asking artists to offer their reflections from home, through images, text and film. The latest artist to respond is Sohrab Hura, who shares photographs from his rooftop in Delhi, India.

Kettle's Yard

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Hu Wei: Butter Lamps

A young itinerant photographer and his assistant suggest to tibetan nomads to photograph them in front of various backgrounds.

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Dryden Goodwin: Alongside

Alongside is a closely observed portrait of a care worker as he builds supportive relationships with three vulnerable clients with severe physical disabilities or autism.

Work Projects

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Paul Rooney: Still at Large (The Creeping Things Cut)

A disturbing male figure is on the run from an unspoken crime; yet he is, in turn, on the hunt for something or someone.

Berwick Visual Arts

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