From Our Own Correspondent

Lucy Clout

  • Screening

Event overview

LUX Scotland presents The Discreet Body, an evening of video and film work which casts light on issues of public space and women’s experience within it.

From Our Own Correspondent, commissioned for the Jerwood/FVU Awards 2015, is made up of extracts from a series of interviews with contemporary media professionals. It is set in a number of anonymous hotel rooms; often the places where media interviews are conducted, where confidential sources are met with, or where final copy is filed. These spaces also constitute a messy compromise between living space and work space, often hosting uneasy collisions of the personal and the professional. Likewise, the protagonist - an animated woman, or 'profile' - tells a story in which her own sexual life is intermingled with the (retroactively) shame-filled direct messages of a disgraced politician.

The programme also features Building Your Future, Women in Manual Trades (1980); A Spy in the House that Ruth Built, Vanalyne Green (1989) and This Quality, Rosalind Nashashibi (2010).

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