The Eye That Articulates Belongs on Land

Karen Kramer

  • Exhibition

Event overview

The Eye That Articulates Belongs on Land shows as part of The Conversational Cosmos, featuring works by artists which speak for, and to, the non-human. The works encompass entities of the natural world and nature as a whole, as well as technologically enabled agents and artificial intelligences.

Shot in Shiretoko National Park in the far north of Japan, and within watchful radius of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor, Karen Kramer’s The Eye That Articulates Belongs on Land offsets beguiling images of unspoilt nature with graphic visual evidence of the ‘re-wilding’ of the landscape around the atomic plant since particular areas became off-limits to human access. Unseduced by romantic notions of wild nature as a wellspring of recovery or transformation, Kramer’s film is a reminder of how our perceptions of the natural environment are often deeply subjective, and prone to being clouded by myth, or partial knowledge.

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