Wuhan Punk

Chris Zhongtian Yuan

  • Exhibition

Event overview

Chris Zhongtian Yuan's Wuhan Punkcommissioned for BEYOND, shows at OCAT Institute's 2020 Research-based Curatorial Project: Shortlist Exhibition.

Part of the show is “Banal Objects, DIY Aesthetics: A Remotely Organized but Self-entertaining Exhibition”, curated by Claire Shiying Li and Chris Zhongtian Yuan.
After the epidemic, many characteristics of the post-globalization era are becoming more prominent. Artists are getting better at self-entertaining in small groups like early punks with an attitude of cynic with pleasure. Noticed many new works are created under such situations, the curators think of diaspora artists who are committed to uncertainties in terms of “identity” and whose works show their individual thinking on cultures crossing in fluidity.
In their project, the curators invite artists who are in dialogue with multi-cultural society to present their raw emotions and life observations by video in order to find emerging creative forces out of ever-more complex contradictions in the post-globalization era. As more exhibition press these days is written in personal style, the curators also intend to break through traditional curatorial thinking by revealing the conversation between the curator and the artist and engaging the public to participate in the curatorial narrative. After entering the dramatized narration of the exhibition, each encounter between the public and the video work opens up possibilities of creating a new personal private dialogue.


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