Project Overview

Well before ‘life-logging’ became a media phenomenon and before the daily demands of social networking exerted their hold over many people’s lives, Lucy Kimbell chose to reveal the accumulated minutiae of her everyday existence (its physiological fluctuations, its professional successes, its emotional highs and lows) in a year-long conceptual art work called The LIX Index.  Predating the kind of obsessive data-tracking that would later become a feature of the so-called ‘quantified self’ movement, Kimbell’s efforts were invested with deadpan humour and a playful sense of the absurd but were also pursued with unfaltering vigour and rigour. First developed for FVU’s web project, Slipstream (2000), and extended for the online/broadcast initiative Identinet (2002), the project has been resumed (for a limited time) as part of FVU’s anniversary retrospective, 25 Frames. As the new vogue for ‘auto-analytics’ made possible by a new generation of wearable computers spawns all manner of ‘data selfies’, it is interesting how Kimbell’s contemporary dispatches are contrastingly discreet, eschewing full disclosure for periodic reflection. As if confirming the truth of the mantra that you can never step into the same data-stream twice, The LIX Index 2.0 takes a much more philosophical outlook – in which the project’s original quantitative aims are qualified for a very different cultural moment.

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