Simon Fujiwara

  • Exhibition

Event overview

Simon Fujiwara's first solo exhibition in France, Revolution, brings together four recent works that examine how we might fetishise the individual experience in the present era of mass media technologies.

Fujiwara's FVU film, Joanne, follows his former schoolteacher as she attempts take control of her public image via social media following a textbook traditional tabloid scandal several years before. We are left not only wondering whether this is a futile pursuit, but for how long we will continue to be fooled by the filters and devices that the film faithfully reproduces.

Also in the exhibition, The Happy Museum and new work Likeness take the figure of Anne Frank as a central iconic figure, exploring the commercialisation of a very personal story. And Empathy I escalates the first-person narrative to Disney-like extremes, replicating a theme park simulator ride. 

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