Project Overview

A major solo exhibition by artist-filmmaker Jayne Parker. The exhibition features a quartet of short 16mm films: Blues in B Flat, Projection 1, 59 1/2 Seconds for a String Player and Foxfire Eins, each inspired by a different piece of classical music of the same name. Taking its title from one of the featured works, Parker’s exhibition selects a playlist which tends towards the ‘difficult’ end of the scale, highlighting pieces that are not only challenging for a non-specialist audience, but can often prove equally exacting for the performer.

Produced in collaboration with the cellist Anton Lukoszevieze, the selection is a crash-course in musical virtuosity: a workout for the ear and the eye that revels in the sheer exuberant physicality of music-making. Underlining the fierce concentration that Lukoszevieze brings to each performance, Parker’s camera captures some of the extraordinary contortions he goes through to execute these complex, highly idiosyncratic scores. Supplying her own visual grace-notes in her pinpoint focus on individual details, Parker’s images provide a pitch-perfect accompaniment to the music.



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