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Jayne Parker, Foxfire Eins (2000)

We’re delighted to be featuring Jayne Parker’s series of short 16mm films —Foxfire Eins, Blues in B Flat, Projection 1, and 59 1/2 Seconds for a String Player— each inspired by a different piece of classical music of the same name. First featured as part of an FVU Touring Exhibition, the quartet of works highlight complex pieces that are not only challenging for a non-specialist audience, but can often prove equally exacting for the performer.

Read Rosa Tyhurst’s newly developed text in response to the Foxfire Eins series HERE, reflecting on Jayne Parker’s quartet of musical interventions in the present moment — exploring the power of non-verbal communication, gesture and dance.

Foxfire Eins was originally commissioned as a Film and Video Umbrella Touring Exhibition in association with Spacex Gallery. Supported by the National Touring Programme of the Arts Council of England.

Original music: Foxfire Eins (1993), composed by Helmut Oehring Blues in B-flat (1981), composed by Volker Heyn.


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