Project Overview

Currently in early stages of production, The Black River of Herself by Patrick Hough brings to life a fictional Irish Bog Body – an ancient corpse naturally preserved over thousands of years in Ireland’s peat bog lands. Invariably discovered through the process of industrial peat extraction, these bodies become an evocative lens through which to explore our current era of human-induced planetary change. 

With a script by novelist Daisy Hildyard, the film traverses 300 million years of history across its three sequences, during which the revenant figure of The Bog Body returns to the surface of a world on the brink of ecological collapse. Brought to life through an innovative mix of practical puppetry effects and animatronics, The Bog Body urges its human discoverer to open their eyes; to learn from the many worlds that have gone before or face inevitable extinction. 

Produced by Tracy Bass and with a newly commissioned score by composer Aaron Cupples, The Black River of Herself is due to be completed in 2020. 


Patrick Hough, The Black River of Herself, 2020
Image Gallery

Film stills: The Black River of Herself

Storyboard by Paul Donnellon
Image Gallery

Patrick Hough, The Black River of Herself, Images from storyboard

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