“How do i no ur not false?”

Jo Thompson

Writer Jo Thompson explores Rachel Maclean's Feed Me within the context of surveillance capitalism, highlighting traces of the fairytale narrative in our online behaviours.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Steven Bode

As Rachel Maclean's Feed Me shows on FVU Watch, Steven Bode reflects on what we can learn from the film at Christmas amidst a pandemic.

States of Being

Emmie McLuskey

Emmie McLuskey unpacks our modern dependence technology, substances and ritual, as well as what it means to belong, in Cal Mac's Agony to Ecstasy.

Reman Sadani

Adnan Madani

Artist and writer Adnan Madani explores the allegorical within Reman Sadani's Walkout 1.

Guy Oliver

Louise Ashcroft

Louise Ashcroft ponders the conflicting voices in her head as she watches Guy Oliver's You Know Nothing of My Work.

Wuhan Punk

Steven Bode

Responding to Chris Zhongtian Yuan's Wuhan Punk, Steven Bode reflects on how the city of Wuhan was previously famous for being the hotbed of China's punk rock scene.


Iris Long

Iris Long reflects on the machinations at play in Chris Zhongtian Yuan's Wuhan Punk, exploring the implications of restoring visual memory via the medium of film.

Great-ish: The Gaslighting of a Nation

Rianna Walcott

Rianna Walcott responds to De'Anne Crooks' Great-ish: The Gaslighting of a Nation, exploring the collective gaslighting of the Black community in Britain.

Patrick Staff: On Venus

Laura Jacobs

Laura Jacobs on hostile environments, both social and natural, in Patrick Staff’s ‘On Venus’ exhibition. Winner of the Michael O'Pray Prize 2019.

Image Abrasion

Cassandre Greenberg

Cassandre Greenberg considers Derek Jarman’s Blue as a celluloid artefact in an age of portable digital media. Winner of the Michael O'Pray Prize 2019.

The Near Room

Katrina Black

Katrina Black explores themes of grief in Sophie Cundale's The Near Room.

FVU Frames: Sophie Cundale

Ellen O'Donohue Oddy

We sat down with Sophie Cundale to discuss the making of The Near Room and how she came upon the film's key concepts: Muhammad Ali's Near Room and Cotard Delusion.

Celebration (Cyprus Street)

Steven Bode

FVU Director Steven Bode reflects on the making of Celebration (Cyprus Street) as well as its relevance for today.


David Kwaw Mensah

David Kwaw Mensah considers how Nadeem Din-Gabisi's MASS can be categorised in the genre of Transcendental Cinema. 

MASS: Artist’s Statement

Nadeem Din-Gabisi

Nadeem Din-Gabisi, writer and director of MASS, articulates the thinking and process behind his film.

Critical Mass

Steven Bode

FVU's Director Steven Bode reflects on our first film to premiere on FVU Watch: Nadeem Din-Gabisi's MASS.

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